Weally, Weally Wascally Wuvable Wabbit!

We have a really, rascally rabbit who is most of the time really luvable, but sometimes really naughty. Molly is her name and she was DD24's Christmas present from her Fiance and is beautifully housetrained, I can not believe how easy that was. Molly has a 2 storey condo but roams around with us when we are home. Molly was only weeks old when she came to our little family then about a month later she develoed glaucoma. After numerous visits to our fabulous vet and long term eye drops we have managed to holt it's progress, however Molly has lost probably 70% of her vision. So we were grateful that she had been able to at least make a map in her mind of our home which has really helped her to be the happy affectionate bunny that she is. Initially we had a few issues, nibbled phone chargers, handbags straps and shoes until we learned to properply rabbit proof things, she has trained us well. However Molly has a nose for chocolate we have discovered and an amazing talent for unwrapping it no matter what form it comes in. One day we came in and here was Molly's bottom sticking out of DD24's handbag, on futhur investigation we discovered that she had found an easter egg in the bottom of handbag and had unwrapped it right there in the bag and was now eating it. It appears that chocolate does not effect rabbits like it does dogs.

However the other day DD24 had just finished making 70 medium sized chocolate cupcakes with piped peppermint icing ( will show you photos when DD returns with MY camera from Malaysia). These were all nicely packaged in 5 cupcake boxes 4 boxes in a bag tied up ready to go and the extras in another box on the coffe table. I came in to find, you guessed it with the box on the floor lid open and happily eating a cupcake, what can I say, damn good cupcakes. Needless to say Molly was sent to the naughty corner for some time out. Just as well these were extra or I am sure it would have been the stewing pot.

Yes, we have a strange home, it is not unusual of a night to find Mimi ( the dog), Tuppy (the cat) and Molly (the Rabbit) all asleep in front of the heater. 

To finish off, one of my favourite trees in my garden.


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