Eleanor's adventure into Youth Parliament

Last week DD16 spent the first week of her school holidays at Youth Parliament here in Victoria and she had a wonderful time. Eleanor had no idea what she was in for or what to expect and then at the last minute found out the she would be representing her team Korin Gamadji Institute on her own. After having a little nervy turn she then settled and thought okay I will give it a go. So she needed to present her Bill and a speech to support it which aims for "increased access to health services for small communities" on her own and then had the great support of fellow chamber members to help her debate it. Guess what, she had her Bill successfully passed. Yahoooo. Eleanor also made an Adjournment speech asking for funding to build a high performance purpose built training and playing facility for Netball Victoria to house our Vixens and Victorian Netball League teams. She could not stop talking about this wonderful experience and the incredible character of the other young adults she met on Youth Parliament. To quote her " there are going to be some seriously good politicians in the near future, passionate and fired up about grassroot issues and more importantly driven to achieve solutions and outcomes"

120 Youth Parliamentarians and YMCA Taskforce

Youth Parliament facebook page article on DD16

That's my girl, Eleanor can not wait to get back to Youth Parliament next year.


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