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Here's the Rub: Mohjo missing in action but now is found. Yeah!!!

Well I had been working along on Stitch Along but just found that I was going through the motions and not really enjoying it, I had no idea why as hand stitching is one of my favourite things. I persevered for another month, but just the same thing, then I started looking longingly at another project, you know the one that calls out to you until you cave in and start it. I kept trying to ignore it "no stay with the stitch along you have always wanted to do one, don't drop out". But alas the call was too strong and I ventured over to the other side and began this other project and the joy returned with each stitch. Then the light switch moment, I was not happy with my background fabrics on other project and the needle turn  and the reverse buttonhole stitch circle just did not sit right with me. So lesson learned, if your fabric, stitches or heart is trying to tell you something, listen you idiot. Hence new background fabrics, stem stitch around circle and buttonhole appl…