Finally some quilting and stitching,

I am a huge fan of and have purchased numerous classes across many craft genres.  Whilst watching a class called Simple Fresh Quilts by Joanna Figueroa I felt that the spool block quilt was perfect for this jelly roll that had been kicking around my craft room so I thought why not let's do it. So early December I set about stitching the top and here it is as I was making the sandwich, this was also the first time I have tried spray basting a quilt and I must say I really like this technique. My furry, four legged helper is Mimi who just loves to help make the quilt sandwich and tries to take ownership over all quilts, she will only sleep on a bed with a quilt on it. Maybe I should make her one of her own.

This quilt is also the one that I decided to bite the bullet on and started to free motion quilt it myself, my previous quilts I have quilted in the ditch and basically with straight lines. I found the free motion side of things very challenging and daunting, I started off very stiffly and wobbly and was tempted to pull it all out and go back to basics. But something inside me said if you don't start you'll never learn and if you give in you will never get better. So onward I went and to my surprise when I made that decision to continue no matter what I relaxed and things improved, I could see a difference from the beginning until the end. I have no desire to re do the first bits, because I think it is good to look back on where you began and you have a better appreciation for what you have achieved and where you need to improve. Overall I am happy with the quilting and am currently binding it so more photos when binding is done.

Here are some snapshots of another quilt I have been working on and also free motioned quilted, I can not show it all yet as it is a gift and I am still binding this also. I saw a similar quilt on the internet somewhere a while back and kept it in my mind knowing a friend was having a baby in January.

Thanks for dropping by, until next time,



  1. Your quilt looks great and congratulations on forging ahead with the freehand quilting - it will be good to look back on and see how you have perfected the technique!

  2. Hi Maxine
    Susan from the SAL here..Good on you for persisting with your FMQ - I hate it but should take on your mantra - "if you don't start you'll never learn". Thanks for that.


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