Excitement at the beginning and excitement at the end, that's enough for one day!

Well the day begun with a jolt, whilst we were all having a sleep in, too many Easter eggs. The phone rings and for once I can actually find it and it is the Personal Alarm Company, letting me know that Nan has pushed her button three times and they can not get any response. So I call to girls and in record time everyone is dressed and in the car heading to Nan's, we only live one block away. We race in through back door expecting to find her on the floor, but oh no she is watching her toaster waiting for the toast to pop up. She looks casually at us and asks "where are you off to this early". Once we had turned off the radio so we could hear ourselves think and got the hearing aides in we told her that the alarm company were worried because you pushed your alarm three times and then they could not hear any response over the radio, " oh is that all ". Well all was well, and seen everybody was up early off to Bunnings we went and we took Nan with us just to be sure.

The rest of the day cruised along, a ripple here and a ripple there as we have an Engagement party in the near future. So there is always bound to be some excitement there.

Then DD16 and I were sitting watching the netball, Vixens VS Fever, ( don't ask final score ) we are avid Vixens members. We had our gas heater on and were nice and toasty, ( toast seems to be flavour of the day ). When I heard that the electric fan on it had stopped and I had just finished thinking that's odd, power to everything else is still going, then the flames started to come out of the bottom of the heater. YIKES, I jumped up hit all the switches to turn it off and disconnect from wall socket. DD16 was gone and like a flash returned in seconds with the fire Extinguisher. We stood watching as flames seem to stop but the smoke and smell was awful. 000 called, lovely fellows came to assess and ensure everything was out and safe. They were impressed that we had a fire extinguisher ( a good one ) and knew how to use it, I am more convinced than ever that every house should have one and a fire blanket, and even more impressed that DD16 was on the ball. DD24 came running with all the commotion and had no idea that we had an extinguisher, well she does now.

Oh well, just need to get someone out to sort the heater, that's the least of what could have been.

Cheers for now,



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