Just maybe the apple does not fall far from the tree, hopefully.

Well it has been a few weeks since last post and I was going to tell you all about them but something better happened over last couple of days that I thought I would start with. ( Me being unwell, the pending engagement party and its preparations and the GOAT incident will just have to wait.)

Both of my girls are creative and have artistic abilities but they fight that urge like the plague, "one craftaholic is enough for one house" they will say, but they dabble and interfere ( sorry they give advice freely"). Last year I got very excited when DD23 decided she wanted to make a baby quilt for her friend at work and she did a great job and the friend loved it.

But this was it, nothing more, so I slumped back into my shell and got on with my creating occasionally hearing orders being placed and whose turn is it for the next quilt. Anyway DD24 now, is a Nursing and Midwifery student and as part of their course they have to recruit and follow women through their pregnancies, going to appointments and classes etc and hopefully the birth. DD always like to give a gift of thanks to Mum and Bubs who allow her to share this special event in their lives. Gifts are purchased and now being made to have a collection to choose from. So when I said I would like to drop into Spotlight before I pick up DD16 from school DD24 said" I want to come to". On arrival at Spotlight I was informed I had forty- five minutes, plenty of time for me I thought., so off I went on my mission. After about 25 minutes I heard a familiar voice "Mum, Mum where are you? I need some help". I found her standing at the half price flannelette, leaning on her selected pile that looked ready to topple any minute. Help me work out what I need to make double sided wraps and those quilts you made for Eleanor and I but without the raggedy edges. Right, so after she told me what size she wanted them I gave her a calculation. She continued adding and subtracting from her pile mixing and matching then it took four trips to the counter. As I only had a chance to get a few things I got served separately, then I heard her telling the lady how much of each she wanted. I leaned across and said " you don't need that amount of each just what I had worked out before". The response made my heart sing and every quilter would be proud, "but you can never have too much Mum."  (MMMmmmmm wonder where she has heard that before?) I shrieked when I answered my phone with DD16 asking where I was, school was out and she was waiting.When I said I was at Spotlight the berating commenced which just went straight through to the keeper as usual. I sat quietly smug when eventually we picked her up from school and she had to push and shove her way into the back seat of her sisters small car due to the bags of fabric. Then came the expected " what are you planning on doing with all of this and where are you going to put it?" I said very nonchalantly that "you have to ask your sister, that's not my doing" The silence was wonderful, I savoured every moment of it and only wished I could have seen her face. When her sister announced that we needed to go to another store because she did not get all of the colours she wanted even I nearly fell out the car.

Here is a photo of the first bag, second bag is still in her car.When we got to the next shop there was some fabric hiding at the back on the bottom shelf and DD16 offered to get it out for her or as she said " I'll take one for the team just so we can go home", perhaps not her best angle, but it made us laugh to watch her helping the offending crafter.

As we were driving home, DD24 said "now I think I need a machine in my room to". A loud cry came from the back seat " OMG you have gone over to the dark side, you can't leave me, what hope is there for me"

Needless to say I have just the right little machine waiting to be loved.

Joy of Joy, just had to share,



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