Slowly getting back in the groove.

Trying to settle back into the groove after our camping holiday. One of the first requests was " please Mum can you make some bread", isn't it funny the things you miss , the smell and taste of homemade bread has to be right up there. I hope to step up the bread making this year and branch out into fancy plaits and rolls etc, Sorry about the photos, I am not to smart with the phone and I have not located the camera in the unpacking yet. I was pleased with these 2 light rye loaves and somebody else was also as a slice was missing when I returned, they were still hot.

I was also very relieved that the vegie garden had looked after itself whilst we were away it is always a worry during the heat to leave it to it's own devices, but it seems to have coped. I will need to get busy over the next few days to deal with the over sized zucchinis and the apricots look not far off either and I am very curious about our purple capsicums. Check back to my blog around Melbourne Cup weekend ( November ) to see how much the garden has grown.

Today I also went to an open garden which was a permaculture food forest and boy was I enthused after that. This year I also want to enlarge our food garden and learn a whole lot more about permaculture and preserving foods. Both of my girls love to cook and DD16 especially is into healthy food and enjoys picking straight from the garden and cooking it. 

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