Frugal and Simpler seems to be on everyones mind.

Frugal and Simpler seems to be on everyones mind.

Well it seems that frugal is a hot topic at the moment, maybe due to the economic state of the universe, every second person seems to be thinking about it or acting upon it. Simple is another word that seems to go hand in hand with frugal. It really does seem that the more we have the more we want and I no longer wish for this. I want a slower, deeper more satisfying life, one where I can truly engage and enjoy the moments. I also now see how really important this could be for my girls as they move forward into their adult years. I certainly do not want them on the treadmill of consumerism.

My aim with this blog is to hopefully keep me on track with this journey. I want to rediscover my cooking from scratch abilities and to grow as much of our own produce as possible, with some left over to share and swap. I aim to nuture my home so that it becomes a real haven away from the fast pace world that surrounds us all. To spend more time in creative work and pursuits and to find ways to do so more frugally ( if there is such a word). To discover a rhythm to life that nutures my home and my soul is my one great desire.

As I am just starting up this blog it will take me a little while to put some flesh on its bones so bare with me. Everybody has to start somewhere.

So pop in to see how I am going on my journey and share your thoughts with me.




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