Kitchen Chaos

Slowly getting back in the groove.

Trying to settle back into the groove after our camping holiday. One of the first requests was " please Mum can you make some bread", isn't it funny the things you miss , the smell and taste of homemade bread has to be right up there. I hope to step up the bread making this year and branch out into fancy plaits and rolls etc, Sorry about the photos, I am not to smart with the phone and I have not located the camera in the unpacking yet. I was pleased with these 2 light rye loaves and somebody else was also as a slice was missing when I returned, they were still hot.

Sweet smell of Sourdough bread mmmmmm....

Last week in one of our neighbourhood newsletters there was an ad for free sourdough starter to anyone that would like to try their hand at baking sourdough bread. DD15 and I had often discussed trying to bake sourdough as it is her favourite, but to be honest I was a bit daunted by the whole process. A couple of years ago I read a novel based around a bread starter and how it weaved it's magic through a community and then far and wide without anybody really noticing at first. I think it was called the "Friendship Bread", I must dig it out, and the spirit of pass it forward, share it around has stayed with me and this spurred me forward. Yes I could have started my own starter but I think I was honestly waiting for this one to come to me. Anyway I thought what the heck why not get in contact and see what is involved, so I emailed the person to organise pickup. A lovely young woman called Allegra, who lived within walking distance, even better, was more than happy to share her starter which she had cared for for over two years and she was even more happy to share her favourite recipe also. So Friday night I picked up my starter and did a bit more research and fed it up over then next few days. Then Monday came and I thought to myself what are you waiting for go ahead try it out. So following Allegra's recipe this is what I created. Tah Daaaah.

Needless to say the loaf was not quite cool before it was cut and eaten by DD15 who said "it looks just like a bought one Mum" so I will take that as a compliment. This morning DD15 was eating her breakfast grinning like a Cheshire cat when I asked why, she just smiled and said " sourdough toast with homemade strawberry jam mmmm....). I repeated the process today just to see if it was a fluke but no I did it again, yeah!!!!! Now of course DD15 wants to help make wholemeal, rye and multigrain ones, so some more research is needed.


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